What to eat at the Minnesota State Fair in 2014!

I’m finally back! After transplanting to Minneapolis, and struggling massively for 3 weeks to get our internet up and running, it’s time to very belatedly get excited about all the foods we’re going to eat. Starting next week. Can you even believe it? I can’t.

No more talk, let’s get straight to the list!

My must haves:

Caribbean-Style Lobster Roll from Cafe Caribe 


Lobster is having a HUGE moment at this year’s state fair. I love seeing it offered in so many styles this year. I hope it’s ushering in a new era of sinfully trashed up high-end foods at the fair.

Chocolate Dessert Salami from Sausage Sisters

Chocolate + Nuts = Yes please.

Deep-Fried Breakfast On-a-Stick from The Sandwich Stop

This is just weird enough for me to want to take a bite. Continue reading

Dish of the week – Chicken Tikka Masala

I think, in the food blogging world, there’s this assumption that we eat elaborately stylized meals every night. That our fridges are filled with perfectly frosted cupcakes, juicy braised chicken thighs, and endless sprigs of rosemary.

Chicken Tikka Masala from Himalayan Restaurant

Not so. At least not for me. I’ll make maybe, one or two “blog” pieces a week, but it just isn’t realistic to produce gloriously photogenic food on a daily basis when you have a full time job. Continue reading

Twin Cities Burger Battle Review

I learned a really interesting thing about burgers this weekend.

Everyone disagrees on what perfection is.

I thought it was pretty simple – juicy meat, gooey cheese, some variety of toppings that taste good, and BAM – awesome burger.

But, no. Some people hate toppings. Some people love blue cheese. Some people want meat, bun, cheese, done. I tasted all that, and then some at this weekend’s first ever Twin Cities Burger Battle. Continue reading

Lemon Curd Stuffed French Toast

If anyone had told me how easy making stuffed french toast actually was, I would have started making it a long time ago.

Thank you, Google, for enlightening me.

Lemon curd stuffed french toast

Breakfast food is the best food. It’s probably the one food category that rivals dessert in my opinion.

Although, I am pretty sure half of what we generally consider breakfast food, could borderline on dessert anyway. Continue reading

BBQ Chicken Tostadas with Avocado Cream

I have a feeling, based on absolutely no research, that Cinco de Mayo is one of those things that Americans celebrate more than Mexicans. Sort of like St. Patrick’s Day. Only this time with tequila instead of green beer.

BBQ chicken tostadas with avocado cream


Which, let’s be honest, I totally prefer. I will take a nice green margarita over a green beer any day. At least limes actually come in that color.

I don’t ever need an excuse to sip on a margarita and enjoy some delicious Mexican food, but it’s great that at least once I year, I’m given a free pass. Just in case I was feeling self-conscious or something. Continue reading

Thin Mint Ice Cream

Have I ever told you how much my grandpa loves ice cream?

Thin Mint Ice Cream

When I was little, we took a trip to a family reunion – my mom, grandpa, sister, and I. With no clue who these really old people were, and not very many children to play with, I remember very little of the reunion besides intense boredom and hot dogs.

What I do remember was the journey out to where ever it was we were going. Why? Two things: Continue reading

My New Favorite Things



Typography cake from A Subtle Revelry – my two favorite things! Words + Cake

Creme brulee cupcakes from Cooking Classy – what’s better than combining two of your favorite things?

Going natural with your Easter egg designs from Lots of DIY – such a neat idea!

Oatmeal Waffle Cookies with Mexican Chocolate from Dinner was Delicious – cookies in a waffle iron! Genius!

Basically everything about Thug Kitchen – warning, the language is a foul but hilarious 180 from your typical food blog.