Ready, Set, Cook!

I’ve been thinking about starting a food blog for a while now. Yes, I know, it does seem a bit late in the game to start a food blog, I mean there are so many fantastic, well-established blogs out there, each crammed full of delicious recipes and photos that make my stomach growl just looking at them. Do we really need one more?

Yes. Yes we absolutely need one more. Why? Because my love of deliciousness can not be contained. It’s time I confessed: I adore food. It fascinates me. I don’t just enjoy eating it, although that is obviously a great benefit to food, but I love reading about it, making it, buying it, the whole sha-bang. Food Network was made for people like me. I read my issues of Cooking Light and Food & Wine magazines before I even glance at Glamour. When I’m offered a free sample at a grocery store, I accept whole heartedly because yes, you adorably perky Target employee, I do want to know how that Boca burger tastes! (And with the cheese and ketchup she added, it tasted surprisingly like a beefy burger with a slightly softer texture.)

So, there you have it. I’ve admitted it. I love food. There are few things that make me happier than trying new recipes, flavors and food genres. So if you’re willing to be my little guinea pigs, I can promise some good food coming your way!


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