Bat Brownies

Happy almost-Halloween everyone! I love love LOVE this time of year. The time of year when my slightly (Ok, more than slightly.) odd love for all things strange can grab the reigns, and I can gobble up candy while scaring myself silly watching the commercials for horror films coming out soon. Yes, it’s true, I am not enough of a big girl to watch the actual movies, the commercials are frightening enough.

It’s also the time of year I get to post my Halloween series! This year there are treats both sweet and savory, time-consuming and quick, and those for the crafty and for the first-timer. Enjoy!

Sometimes you get that last minute Halloween invite. The one you didn’t see coming. So you pull your old Halloween costume out of the closet, and try to figure out what the heck you can bring that looks like you put effort in, but in reality took you less time than it did to throw together your disco-pirate costume. Sure, you say, like that’s possible.

This, my friends, is where the bat brownies come in.They’ve already passed the litmus test of my coworkers, one of whom was driving out of the parking lot while I walked into the building carrying my plate of bat brownies, and started to honk her horn, roll down her window, and scream OMG ARE THOSE TREATS DID YOU BRING TREATS CAN I HAVE ONE!?

Even from afar, these bat brownies impress.

Once I finally got the brownies in side, and situated on the counter of the staff kitchen, they flew (ha!) off the plate. Everyone who walked by thought they were utterly adorable, and I just giggled to myself that their enthusiasm was won with so little effort on my part.

So, never again do you need to fear the last minute party invite! These fast and easy treats are sure to impress, leaving you stress free and ready to party.


  • 1 package of your favorite brownie mix, plus whatever ingredients are needed to complete the mix
  • A bat shaped cookie cutter
  • Black and white frosting
  • A small piping tip and plastic attaching cap (standard with any cake decorating kit)


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Prepare the brownie batter as instructed, and pour it into a greased 10×15 inch baking dish with a rim.

2. Bake for about 10-15 minutes, rotating about halfway though.

3. Let it cool completely while you piece together your amazing costume.

4. Once the brownies are cooled, use your bat-shaped cookie cutter to cut out your bat brownies. The easiest way I’ve found to remove the bat shapes is to gently peel away the excess brownie, and set it aside…or eat it. Your choice!

5. Once your bats are free, just pipe on eyes and fangs, and you’re all set to wing it (couldn’t resist) to the party.


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