Gooey Chocolate Oreo Fudge Bars

Other titles I considered for this post: OMG Bars, Chocolate Avalanche Bars, and anything with “Amazing” in it.

These are some of the easiest bars I have ever made, and definitely some of the most delicious.

Chocolate Oreo Fudge Bars

Because they are basically sugar and fat. That’s why. These are bars you should only ever make in a situation where you are going to give them all away because you will eat the whole pan if you keep them in the house. Continue reading


Holiday Cookie Exchange – Seven Layer Bars

It’s the year of the bar.

I’m serious you guys, think about it. Cupcakes have made their mark. Cake pops were all the rage. Donuts are happening now. Cookies have their moment ever year around Christmas.

Seven layer bars - love these!But where are the bars!? Heaven in your hand. More versatile than a cookie, easier to eat on the go than cake, these stackable delights are due for their revival.

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Pistachio + Cranberry Chocolate Bark

We’ve all been there.

Someone you weren’t expecting gives you a gift, and suddenly you’re left with 48 hours before everyone leaves the office for Christmas and no gift to give your surprise Santa.

Pistachio + Cranberry Bark - homemade gift idea!

Don’t panic. I’ve devised the perfect solution. All you need are 4 simple ingredients in your pantry, and you’ll be safe-guarded against impromptu gifting. Continue reading

The Great Brownie Debate

I recently learned about a hot debate in the culinary community: What’s the best method for making brownies – cocoa powder based, or melted chocolate based?

DSC02687DSC02807Didn’t know this was such a contentious topic? Neither did I, but thanks to my love of chocolate, and all things sweet, it was a debate I felt fully prepared to take on.

The parameters were simple. Which is better? Brownies made with mostly cocoa powder, or brownies made with mostly melted chocolate? I selected two recipes from the same book, baked them in the same pan (at different times of course), and tested them out on the same sample group (my coworkers).

The results?

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Cranberry Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Um, so I just discovered by all time favorite banana bread/muffin additions. Cranberries and chocolate chips.


It’s genius! I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to figure this one out, but YUM! Continue reading

Nutella Coconut Macaroon Nests

I think Easter is one of the most underrated holidays.


Speaking purely secularly here, think about this. You stuff eggs full of candy, hide them around your house, find them, eat all the candy, and then start on your chocolate bunny. Which is a chocolately representation of the magical rabbit that delivered the candy filled eggs to your house in the first place.

Is it any wonder I love Easter?

But beyond indulging my sugar cravings, I love Easter because it’s an excuse to get together with my family. Continue reading

Tater Tot Hot Dish Cake

I think I finally lost my marbles.

I gave up potatoes and cheese for Lent, and then decide the theme for my friends’ monthly family dinner should be hot dishes.

For anyone familiar with hot dishes, that pretty much eliminates anything I could possibly eat that night.

What was my solution? (And this is where you can see I really lost it.)


I made tater tot hot dish out of cake. Continue reading

Chocolate Pretzel Candy

Merry Christmas from The Culinary Capers! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then I hope you’re having a fabulous December 24th and 25th off of work, and with family and friends!


My gift to you this year: simplicity in the kitchen. You have stressed yourself out with holiday shopping, unexpected visits, and multiple trips to the grocery store.

But this chocolate pretzel candy couldn’t be any easier. Continue reading

Reindeer Cake Pops

Yep. I went there.

Right when you were thinking you were off the hook this year. Being mindful about your eating. Avoiding the cheese platter at holiday parties. Sipping your skinny cocktails.


But no, no, no, my friends. You are not escaping the holiday pounds that easily.

Not after I made these. Continue reading