Glam Doll Donuts Review

Glam Doll Donuts has made me believe in donuts again. I was never a donut person, but that has totally changed.

Here’s what happened. About 1:30 on a Wednesday, my coworker started wandering up and down the hall, lamenting the lack of dessert in her life. She had quite the craving.

By 1:35 she had convinced another coworker of mine to hop in the car and take a field trip to get dessert. I thought nothing of it, besides sympathizing with mid-afternoon dessert cravings of course.

Then they walked in with these.

photo (24)

They were giggling, wonderfully horrified at how naughty they had been. All work stopped, and we had an impromptu donut tasting right there.

They were too hopped up on fried dough to remember the exact names of what they got, but based on a little sleuthing of my own, here’s what I am pretty sure was in that box: one Glam Doll, one Misfit, two Calendar Girls, one Dark Angel (or possibly a Varga Girl?), one Outlaw, two Pinup Girls, one Flirty Frenchie, and one Pucker Up. My apologies to the Glam Doll staff if I misidentified anything!

Varieties aside, let me set the general tone for this review. In 5 short minutes, this is what we did to the box of donuts.

photo (25)


I am not exaggerating. It only took us 5 minutes to do that. These are not normal donuts. They are magic.

What makes them so awesome? Well, besides the delicious flavor combos, every single person who tried a donut (or two…or eight) said the same thing. It’s the way they do whatever they do to the dough.

It’s crispier on the outside, but so soft and squishy on the inside! It makes it feel both substantial and light at the same time. Satisfying, and dangerously edible. It’s a fantastic base to any flavor combination – and they have some incredible varieties.

The Glam Doll:

This is what I think is the one topped with cream and strawberries in the picture, but I am not 100% sure. Either way, that one is fabulously simple. The cream isn’t sweetened, and it doesn’t need to be. It’s the perfect subtle topping and showcases that crispy/fluffy dough I was raving about. The strawberries on top make me think of strawberry shortcake. Only way better.

The Misfit:

This is your standard ring-shaped donut made magical by an orange, ginger, and cinnamon infused glaze. The flavor is so light and delicate – a big surprise with three flavors that are very strong on their own. It’s like a dainty tea cake in flavor, but a double cheese burger in satisfaction.

The Calendar Girl:

This would be the gem topped with dark chocolate frosting and a big pile of salted caramel. My testers (and me!) loved the depth of the chocolate, it worked for both dark and milk chocolate lovers, and everyone commented on how fresh the caramel was. I personally preferred the chocolate that tops the Dark Angel (possibly the Varga Girl?) to the one here as it was a bit sweeter, but I also think the slightly less sweet chocolate is what made the caramel pop like it did.

The Dark Angel (Varga girl?):

In the photo it looks more like the description of Varga Girl sounds, but I think it’s a Dark Angel because of the flavor of the cream inside. It was more vanilla than almond which would be the Dark Angel. This was an awesome donut. I always avoided the goo-filled donuts (unless it was fruit, don’t know why) but I am a total believer now. The chocolate frosting was deliciously moist, and the insides were described as “gooey goodness”. That’s actually super accurate.

The Outlaw:

This was one of my personal favorites. It’s a cherry cheesecake donut. How can you not just salavate reading that!? Those cherries on top, I don’t know what they do to them, but they are divine, and the cream cheesy-ness added the perfect tang to the sweetness of the donut. And it was not fake-cherry flavored at all. Very real cherries here.

The Pinup Girl:

This donut (fritter technically) was awesome. The gooey apple bourbon fritter had a deliciously sweet caramel oozing over the top, laced with crisp chunks of apple. And these were fresh apples, they still had a little bite to them. Amazing.

The Flirty Frenchie:

This one was topped with espresso cream cheese frosting. I don’t even like coffee, and I thought this was fab. One coworker summed it up: “Perfect!”

The Pucker Up:

Possibly my favorite donut of the bunch. Or tied with the Outlaw. This one is topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. According to my coworkers, the Glam Doll employee wouldn’t let them leave until they added one to the box. To whoever that was GOOD MOVE! THANK YOU! Think lemon cheesecake on top of a donut. Not fakey lemon, or overpowering as some lemon curds can be, but fresh cream cheese flaked with lemon zest and a touch of juice. Amazing.

The moral of the story? Buy a gym membership, and go hang out at Glam Doll Donuts. Here’s the menu. These are not your average donuts….or anything close. And they are worth every sit-up/treadmill session/squat needed to counteract their amazing goodness. Long live the donut!


2 thoughts on “Glam Doll Donuts Review

  1. Sometimes I read this blog and wonder HOW ON EARTH ARE WE FRIENDS?! Then I remember there is more to life aside from food. But seriously…not normally a donut person. ::sigh::

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