Rincon 38 review

For those of you with a 5 second attention span, here’s the abbreviated version of this review: Rincon 38 is amazing. You should go there.

Piquillos from Rincon 38

If I could just write that sentence a few hundred times and still not feel like I’ve said enough good things about the food here.

Rincon 38 is the new tapas venture from Hector Ruiz. You may recognize that name from Rincon’s sister restaurant, Cafe Ena. While Cafe Ena is suave and polished, Rincon 38 is more like a cool younger sister. The space is small, but what it lacks in size it makes for in intimacy and character. This is the type of place you can find yourself spending several hours over wine and small plates. Continue reading


The Foods of San Francisco

San Francisco has a lot of amazing food.

It also has a lot of hills, which is really very convenient, because when you’re traveling on foot, those two things cancel each other out.

I just returned from a lovely vacation in San Francisco, and basically ate my way through the city. And walked up a lot of hills. And rode a lot of cable cars. Always hanging on the outside – because I’m a tourist. Obviously.

There was absolutely no way I was ever going to make the slightest dent in the San Francisco food scene in just 4 days, but here’s a rundown of what I ate, and where you can find it. Spoiler alert: It was all incredible.

For those of you who know me, or really anyone who has read this blog ever, it will come as no surprise that the majority of my pre-trip research revolved around exactly where we were going to eat.

I already had a food truck round up and a farmer’s market on our itinerary before I added things like the Golden Gate Bridge, but really. Priorities. Right? Continue reading

Glam Doll Donuts Review

Glam Doll Donuts has made me believe in donuts again. I was never a donut person, but that has totally changed.

Here’s what happened. About 1:30 on a Wednesday, my coworker started wandering up and down the hall, lamenting the lack of dessert in her life. She had quite the craving.

By 1:35 she had convinced another coworker of mine to hop in the car and take a field trip to get dessert. I thought nothing of it, besides sympathizing with mid-afternoon dessert cravings of course.

Then they walked in with these.

photo (24)

Continue reading

Two Smart Cookies Taste Test and Review

I have this terrible habit of window shopping the Flirt lingerie boutique on the corner of Snelling and Selby whenever I am stuck at that light. Which happens more often than you might think.

The light turns green, and I do not notice, because I am scoping out the gorgeous bras, slips, etc. currently on display in the window. And it changes every week, so really, I am not solely to blame here.


But this review is not about underpants. It is about cookies. Two Smart Cookies to be precise. And don’t let my terrible photography (I was in a hurry to get to a ladies-only Vampire Diaries marathon night) sway your decision. These cookies are worth checking out. Continue reading