Thin Mint Ice Cream

Have I ever told you how much my grandpa loves ice cream?

Thin Mint Ice Cream

When I was little, we took a trip to a family reunion – my mom, grandpa, sister, and I. With no clue who these really old people were, and not very many children to play with, I remember very little of the reunion besides intense boredom and hot dogs.

What I do remember was the journey out to where ever it was we were going. Why? Two things: Continue reading


White Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream

I could never be lactose intolerant.

Raspberry White Chocolate Ice Cream -

I could probably go gluten free before I dropped the dairy. Both of which I hope never, ever, happen.

Raspberry White Chocolate Ice Cream -

Seriously. Look at that. How could I ever not just eat all of it? Continue reading