Easy Homemade Pad Thai

If you follow the blog, or have the insider scoop to my life in general, you will have heard that I gave up potatoes and cheese for Lent.

Today, I consumed ice cream, a cupcake, and three oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. So as you can see, abstaining from typically fatty foods is going about as well as could be expected.


The upside to not having my old standbys as an option until April is that I’m experimenting with other types of cuisine. Thai, Indian, Chinese – no one from these countries seem to mind a noted absence of potatoes and cheese.

And while I do find these categories wonderfully delicious, I usually bypass them for my stereotypically American choices of cheeseburgers, fries (and/or tater tots), and pizza.

So imagine my delight when I discovered how easy it can be to make Pad Thai.  Continue reading