Spanakopita Bites

This year, for Lent, I’ve decided to give up potatoes and cheese.


Why? Because every time I go out, I end up eating pizza, or burgers and fries, or tater tots, or something along those lines. Continue reading


Apple Upside Down Cake

I am a huge fan of unexpected delights when it comes to food. A new twist on a traditional dish brings out the nerd in me, and gets me thinking about new flavor combinations to try.

So when I came across this recipe for apple upside down cake, I had to try it. I adore pineapple upside down cake, with it’s gooey, sweet pineapple top, what’s not to love, right?

Well, before you whip out your old standby upside down cake recipe, seriously consider switching it up.

Because this cake is fantastic. Continue reading