Buttermilk Pancakes

Ahh….pancakes. Pretty much the perfect food if you ask me. The flavor combinations are endless, you can put things inside them, or on top of them, and they are a fast and easy way to feed a lot of people.

Besides, who doesn’t love breakfast?

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Sweet Potato Hot Dish

March and April are tricky times of the year. The spring produce isn’t really in season yet, but neither are the root vegetables of Winter. So if you’ve got a few less than fresh sweet potatoes lying around, like I did, here’s a way to use them up that’s both tasty and healthy!

This is a recipe adapted from Cooking Light, they called it sweet potato mac n’ cheese, but based on the sweet-potato-to-cheese ratio, and maybe the fact that I’m Minnesotan, I really thought this qualified as more of a hot dish*.

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