Sticky Toffee Pudding…sort of

Ok, Martha. Let’s get one thing straight. This recipe you have for sticky toffee pudding? Not the real deal.


I’m sorry, Martha. Usually I love you and all you do, but you need to hop on a plane to the UK, go eat some real sticky toffee pudding, and then get back to me.

That’s not to say your recipe isn’t good. It makes for a really delicious cake with toffee goo on top. Seriously delicious toffee sauce here. But the dense, rich, toffee soaked cake I fell in love with in London? That’s not what this is. Continue reading


The Food of St. Andrews

St. Andrews is not a big place. Yes, it’s home to the Old Course, and yes, it’s where Kate met Prince William, but it is essentially a bubble or a world that houses a small fishing village, a lovely university (not that I’m biased…), and a large number of tourists/golfers.

It only has three main streets, but St. Andrews does not disappoint when it comes to food. Filled with adorable local cafes, bistros and bakeries, St. Andrews offers an amazing variety and quality of food not usually found around college students and tourists.

Here are my personal favorite places to eat while in St. Andrews. If you’re planning a visit, make sure to put these at the top of your list!

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