Twin Cities Burger Battle 2015 Review

If you haven’t been to the Twin Cities Burger Battle, I highly recommend adding it to your to-do list for 2016. It’s a wonderfully planned event. For the crowds they draw, the wait time is relatively short for each burger, and I have yet to see anyone run out of food.

Last year, 13 burgers faced off. This year, they had an incredible 19. I only (only!) made it through 16 of the entries, so apologies for the less-than-100% review. If there’s someone out there who tasted the 3 I missed, please fill in the blanks!

Some tips on burger battling before we get to the entries:

1. Bring a friend. They say they are only giving you sliders, but they are the most generous sliders I have ever. Sharing one portion lets you get through as many as possible before you find yourself lying in a beef haze on the grass.

2. Take it easy on the beer. This year both Summit and Fulton were represented, but if you’re serious about the burgers, watch out for the filling beverages.

And now, on to the beef!

First up, and our personal favorite and People’s Choice Award Winner…

The St. Paul Grill – Triple Beer Grill Burger St. Paul Grill

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BBQ turkey chickpea burgers

You’re probably thinking about three things right now.

Turkey Chickpea burgers

1. How am I going to maintain my resolution to get fit/lose weight/eat better?

2. I spent way too much over the holidays, I need to save a little more this month.

3. How am I going to do both of those with the Super Bowl/Olympics coming up, and sports party season in full swing?

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