BBQ turkey chickpea burgers

You’re probably thinking about three things right now.

Turkey Chickpea burgers

1. How am I going to maintain my resolution to get fit/lose weight/eat better?

2. I spent way too much over the holidays, I need to save a little more this month.

3. How am I going to do both of those with the Super Bowl/Olympics coming up, and sports party season in full swing?

The magic solutions to all your problems? Turkey chickpea burgers. Continue reading


Kale Chips

I’ve wanted to get into kale for a while. It’s one of those vegetables I hear a lot about, but don’t really know how to use.

Then I heard about kale chips. Crunchy, salty vegetable chips. What’s not to love there? All the crunch you want with zero guilt because if you eat them all, you basically just ate an entire head of kale. And no one can say that’s a bad thing. Continue reading

Zucchini Boats with Cheesy-Basil Mousse

Growing up, zucchini was one of those foods that fell in the “yucky green vegetable” category. Had these appeared before me at age 5, I might have reconsidered my feelings on zucchini.

The herbed cheesy filling compliments the sweetness of the baked zucchini. But be careful not to over cook these boats, or they’ll sink under the weight of of their creamy filling. Continue reading