Hola Arepa Food Truck Review

It’s no secret I have a mild obsession with food trucks. Ok fine, mild is slightly inaccurate – more like when I see a food truck I start to bounce up and down, clap my hands with childish delight, and exclaim to whoever I am with, “Look it’s a food truck!”.

The food truck scene in the Twin Cities has exploded over the past few years, and much to my delight I am fortunate enough to work in downtown Minneapolis within walking distance of the streets frequented by these mobile culinary delights.

With this being my first food truck season where I am close enough to go during my lunch hour, I decided it was my duty to all of you to eat at as many of them as possible and let know how they are.

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Kale Chips

I’ve wanted to get into kale for a while. It’s one of those vegetables I hear a lot about, but don’t really know how to use.

Then I heard about kale chips. Crunchy, salty vegetable chips. What’s not to love there? All the crunch you want with zero guilt because if you eat them all, you basically just ate an entire head of kale. And no one can say that’s a bad thing. Continue reading