How to Make Lemon Curd from Scratch

When life gives you lemons, screw the lemonade (unless you add some gin). Make some lemon curd.

Homemade lemon curd // The Culinary Capers

I had never made lemon curd before, but it was the easiest thing on the planet.

You’re going to see a lot of lemony-freshness coming soon on this blog because my lovely grandpa sent me some lemons from his home in Arizona.

And when your grandpa sends you lemons from his own garden, you really want to make something special with them. Continue reading


Blueberry, Basil, and Goat Cheese Tarts

When I made these tarts, it was 2 degrees outside. Not 2 degrees Celsius, which would be 35 degrees Fahrenheit, but 2 degrees Fahrenheit, or -16 degrees Celsius.


So, really freakin cold. No matter what country you’re in.

I seem to take cold weather, and snow in particular, as a personal challenge to see how much food I can make in one day. Continue reading

How to Make Applesauce from Scratch

So…turns out I get a little excited by fall produce at the farmer’s market.

Like…buying 12 pounds of apples excited. And then contemplating buying more. Until my boyfriend points out what a ridiculous idea that is, and how am I ever going to use all these apples?

Enter applesauce. Continue reading

Eating Well in London

Even my vacations seem to be about food.

I’m currently in London. Yes, London – home of the Olympics and some very wonderful friends! I am seeing a lot of both, and I am also eating some tasty food.

The Brits are not known for having particularly delectable cuisine. Wonderful Indian, Thai, Italian, etc., but when it comes to their own native foods we are left with things like sweet corn and tuna pizza, Scotch eggs, mushy peas and haggis.

I’m not saying it’s all bad. I love shepherd’s pie, and fish and chips (fries for Americans) can be hard to beat when you’re craving something fried, but it’s all fairly heavy, meat-and-potatoes type dishes that aren’t necessarily well suited to the lighter summer eating I find myself craving these days.

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Lemon Cheesecake Squares

As much as I love chocolate, lemon desserts have a special place in my heart. The bright and sunny tart yet sweet flavor is the perfect ending to a meal, especially as the temperatures begin to rise.

These lemon cheesecake bars are a specialty of mine. The lemon filling is light, airy and totally addicting. In college I made them constantly, my housemates and I would clean the pan in a matter of days.

I’m making these squares for a friend of mine who is celebrating the publishing of her third book this June. So if you’re looking for a great Summer read, check out Harvesting Ashwood!

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Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Today, I discovered my blog has topped 1,000 views since I first brought you Roasted Veggie Pizza. What better way to celebrate the milestone than with breakfast for dinner?

When I was little, breakfast for dinner was one of my favorite treats. Breakfast is my all time favorite meal of the day (probably because you can get away with eating things that usually qualify as dessert first thing in the morning), so getting it twice in once day was always super awesome.


I would usually beg for pancakes over waffles because my mom, great mom that she is, would pour the batter into any shape my little heart desired. And we’re talking anything from a dog, to an octopus, to people…specific people. You have not lived until your form has been immortalized in pancake batter.

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Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich with Fig and Basil

If you’re on the fence about goat cheese, I ask you to hold your judgement until after you try this sandwich. I used to belong to the camp that feels goat cheese is a smelly, unappetizing cheese that one asks to be held off your salad or entrée.

My mind has been entirely changed by two things: first, an amazing tapas restaurant called 4 Sisters Tapas and Wine Bar in La Crosse, WI (of all places…) where I had my first true experience with plain goat cheese, and this sandwich which has made it a staple item in my fridge forever.

Goat cheese is not the mildest of cheese, I will give you that, and taken on its own, it can be a bit overbearing, but with the sweetness of the fig and honey in this sandwich, and the gooey, cream-cheese-like texture it takes on when grilled, this sandwich is a great option for a quick dinner, or a filling breakfast.

So I ask, my darling readers, that you set aside your preconceived ideas about goat cheese until you try it in the sandwich I have been obsessively eating for breakfast for the past week. Continue reading